Living on Purpose, With Purpose Takes Courage

Happy “Serene” Sunday!

I pray all are having a wonderfully blessed day.

As I awoke this morning, the Lord put it in my spirit how courageous I have actually been over the past couple of years. Recognizing that it truly takes courage to fully live out our lives. It takes courage to live consciously, to live life with purpose – which has been my journey.

Many of us spend our lives living unconsciously, I know I did. Unconscious to that which is deeply embedded within. We unknowingly ignore our inner calling and follow the path expected of us. We focus on meeting everyone else’s expectations but our own. We go from day to day and embrace all that the “world” expects us to do and expects us to have. We focus on going to the best schools, being high achievers, because that’s what we were told to do. We go after the best jobs, nicest houses, latest cars, most attractive spouses. All in effort to live out the “American Dream” – often conforming and trying to fit in with those around us. Defining success based on the perceptions of others – having acquired it all.

However, too often once we achieve that dream and “have it all”, we are still left with a deep longing, a deep discontent within. That longing and discontent is our souls calling out to us, calling out to us letting us know that all that we sought external to ourselves can never compete to fully living our lives consciously and on purpose. To do so takes a great deal of courage and willingness to redefine what “success” looks like.

Through my journey, I have learned that we truly need a new definition of success. True success is having the courage to face your demons. To face those inner issues that have a repressive impact on our outer experience. To fully deal with and let go of the past. To be willing to look yourself in the mirror and give yourself some grace for the mistakes you’ve made over a lifetime. It takes courage to make the commitment to becoming your best self. Most importantly, it takes great courage to take the limits off of God and allow Him to reshape you into the person He always meant for you to be.


The journey of living authentically and on purpose, is not always easy. However, it is unbelievably rewarding. Once you surrender and display a willingness to face that which holds you back, that which impedes the fullness of your life – you come to a place of pure beauty. You come to a place of realizing that all that you were holding onto, you actually needed to let go of. You come to a place of recognizing that you don’t have to cower down to your pain, but that you can boldly step forth and face your pain so that you can heal at the deepest level. It takes courage to be YOU and remove the façade and mask and walk forward comfortable and confident with who you were always meant to be.

This courage is in each and every one of us. There is nothing we can’t face and there is most definitely nothing that God can’t fix. Open yourself up to living life fully, authentically and on purpose. You will experience life like never before!

Be Blessed!

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